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LNDX-TP-C001 LED Garden Lights

LNDX-TP-C001 LED Garden Lights

Product Details

1、Product Dimension: 60*25.5cm

2、Product Color: AC、SS

3、Material: Stainless steel

4、Power: 1.5W

5、Solar panel size: 150*160mm,3W Power

6、Light Type: 36/pcs  LED

7、The controller: Solar dedicated controller

8、Temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

9、Battery: lead-acid battery 6V / 4.5AH

10、Working Hours: 8~12h

11、System configuration: constant current control system

12、Package Size: 640*310*310mm

13、Packing quantity: 1/PCS

14、Warranty: 2-3 years;3 years of solar panel;2 years of battery;3 years of LED

15、Weight: 3.9KG  

16、Protection Level: IP65