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Focus on 7 Characteristics for choosing better LED Lights

Jan 26,2015

ⅠBrightness: Different brightness for different prices. The LED for LED lights should conformity with I Laser Standard.

 Ⅱ Electrostatic Discharge: strong electrostatic discharge LED is high price for long life. Usually the electrostatic discharge LED is more than 700V can be used for LED lamps.

 Ⅲ Wavelength: The consistent wavelength of LED require the color consistent, then the price will be high. 

Ⅳ Leakage: LED is luminophor of unilateral conduction, if there is reverse current, it is called leakage. IF the LED with large leakage, it will be short life with lower price.

 Ⅴ Viewing Angle: different uses of LED for different viewing angle.Special viewing angle LED is high price.

Ⅵ Using Life: the key point of the led is life and the life is decided by light attenuation, the smaller light attenuation, the longer life and higher price.

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